We want to do something new and exciting for Dads in our community, but we want to know your thoughts!
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Every Dad wants to be the Hero, but even Heroes need a little backup...

Dad's League® a program under the Fatherhood Connection with the Family Resource Center (serving Lee, Chambers, Macon, Russell and Tallapoosa counties) is designed to be a place where dads can be empowered, build connections with other dads and take advantage of opportunities to be "Heroic" with their families.

Dad's League is a community where dads can participate as well as volunteer and get the tools and resources they need to either start or continue being the Hero at home - where it counts the most!
How important a role do you think fathers play in the success of their childrens' lives? *

What types of fatherhood centered events/activities would you participate in? *

Please feel to tell us about any fatherhood activities you would like to see put on in the community.

Would you tell others about events/activities like these? *

Would you attend a 1-2 hour meeting dealing with issues surrounding fatherhood and how these issues can be dealt with effectively? *

How frequently would you be willing to attend a meeting like this? *

How important do you think it is for a father to have other positive examples of fathers around? *

If you are able to gain something from being involved with Dad's League, would you be willing to give back by leading a group or volunteering?

What other needs do fathers and father figures in this community have that you have noticed?

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